Boris Johnson:

  • Out of touch elite
  • Untrustworthy
  • Dangerously incompetent

Boris Johnson - A Prime Minister who represents the interests of the wealthy and powerful elite

Boris Johnson has only ever cared about himself and sticking up for the wealthy elite.
  1. 1Johnson’s first announcement was to give the wealthiest in society, including himself, a £3,000 tax break. [Sky News] Boris Johnson's income tax cut would mainly benefit high earners, IFS says
  2. 2He boasted of “sticking up for the bankers” more than anyone else after the financial crisis. [iNews] Boris Johnson says nobody ‘stuck up for the bankers as much as I did’
  3. 3Johnson was unable to deny the role he played in planning to have a journalist beaten up.
  4. 4He has been accused of attempting to blackmail the head of a national media organisation by his former boss. [Daily Mail]

Boris Johnson - A Prime Minister you can’t trust

Boris Johnson has lied and misled the public his entire professional life.
  1. 1He has been fired twice for lying to his bosses - as a journalist [BBC News | 8.50 – 9.16] and a politician [The Times]. Boris Johnson sacked for lying
  2. 2He lied in his newspaper columns and was been forced to publicly apologise. [The Guardian] Telegraph forced to correct false Brexit claim by Boris Johnson
  3. 3He was caught out repeatedly for lying throughout the Tory Leadership campaign. [Huffington Post]

Boris Johnson - A Prime Minister who is dangerously incompetent

Boris Johnson was a liability as Foreign Secretary and as Mayor of London he cared more about vanity projects than Londoners.
  1. 1His initial handling of the case of the British citizen, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, convicted of spying on Iran was a disgrace. [The Guardian] Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe's husband vehemently contradicts Boris Johnson
  2. 2He wasted millions of pounds of taxpayers' money on personal vanity projects and broke promise after promise.
  3. 3He has weaselled his way to the top and has tried hard to shirk scrutiny. But when faced with facts, he doesn’t have a clue. [BBC News]

Boris Johnson can’t deliver the change that Britain needs. He can’t be trusted, he is completely unfit to hold the office of Prime Minister.

Only Labour can rebuild Britain for the many, not the few.