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Yellowhammer exposed…

What is Operation Yellowhammer?

Operation Yellowhammer is the name for the Tory Government’s plans to deal with the impact of its No Deal Brexit. It highlights the possible risks and disruption to the UK if we leave the European Union without a deal on 31 October.

On 12 September, a legislation voted for by the Labour Party forced the Tory Government to publish the Operation Yellowhammer document it had been keeping a secret.

What risks does Operation Yellowhammer warn us about Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans?

Despite Boris Johnson previously claiming people would have “higher wages, cheaper food and clothes, and a brighter future”, the Operation Yellowhammer document predicts the future could look a lot worse.

The document also predicts that the Tories and their wealthy friends won’t bear the brunt of their reckless No Deal Brexit. The rest of us will. Yellowhammer reveals that people with less money will be “disproportionately” affected by any price rises.

In the event of a Tory No Deal Brexit, Operation Yellowhammer warns of shortages of food and medicines, price rises, disruption to travel and transport and more protests.

Risks to food supply

Operation Yellowhammer says “certain types of fresh food… will decrease” and that there will be less “availability and choice” of food, which will push up prices.

It also makes clear that Michael Gove’s claim that “there would be no shortage of fresh food” is simply not true.

Delays to medicine and risks to care

Matt Hancock went on Good Morning Britain and guaranteed that “there are plans in place so that people can get their medicines”. He also said that getting medicine will “continue exactly as normal through a No Deal Brexit.”

This was a lie. The Yellowhammer document is very clear that the disruption to transport means medicines are at risk of “severe extended delays”.  It is totally unacceptable for the Tories to risk people’s lives with a No Deal Brexit. The Tories can’t be trusted with public services and our NHS.

Disruption to transport and fuel supplies

Chris Grayling said he expected the Channel ports to “operate normally in all Brexit circumstances”. Once again, Operation Yellowhammer proves that the Tories have been lying.

It says lorries could face delays of two and a half days when waiting to cross the border. These delays could last three months. This disruption caused by a Tory No Deal Brexit could also cause traffic problems in Kent and affect fuel supply in London and the south-east of England.

And outside of Kent, it’s been revealed that despite the Government trying to play it down, secret Government documents show that tens of thousands of vehicles would be turned away at ports for having the wrong paperwork.

More protests and public unrest

Finally, Operation Yellowhammer warns of “public disorder” and “protests and counter-protests” in the event of a No Deal Brexit. It also points out that the police will be stretched.

You can’t trust Boris Johnson and Tories with our country’s safety. Since 2010 Government funding for the police has been cut by £3.6 billion.There are now 20,564 fewer officers, 7,370 fewer PCSOs, and 15,185 fewer civilian staff.  Violent crime has doubled. You can’t trust the Tories on police and crime.

The Tories have completely failed the country over Brexit. A Labour Government will hand power back to the people by giving you the final say on Brexit.  There is no mandate for a No Deal Brexit. We won’t let the Tories risk the livelihoods and welfare of all of us by entertaining the idea of leaving without a deal.

We believe that any deal must now go back to the people for a final say. Labour will bring our country together – whether you voted Leave or Remain.