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Quarter of a million more women and men in their 60s now in poverty

On the day that campaigners sadly lost a legal battle against the government’s action to raise the women’s State Pension age without proper notice, new analysis shows a quarter of a million more people in their 60s, including 170,000 more women, are living in poverty than in 2010.

Labour analysis of DWP stats on Households below Average Income, 28 March 2019

Thanks to the Tories, and the Lib Dems, millions of women born in the 1950s have had their retirement plans scuppered, when their State Pension age was changed without proper notice.

Michael Mansfield QC, representing the campaigners, said:

“They’re on the brink of survival, and I’m not overstating that. This group – especially the percentage of the group affected born in 1953 onwards – are increasingly having taken away from them four to six years’ worth of state pension.”

Source: The Guardian

During the Tory leadership contest, Johnson said he would “commit to do everything [he] possibly can” to bring justice to those affected.  

Three months later, “everything he possibly can” is beginning to look like not very much at all.

But Johnson’s all talk and no action shows the reality: he and the Tories can’t be trusted to bring justice to those affected.

*This post was updated on 21 October 2019 to correct for figures for both men and women aged in their 60s.

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