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5 reasons you can’t trust the Tories on housing

Today, the National Audit Office revealed that despite the Tories’ plan to create 200,000 new homes for first-time buyers, not a single one has been built.

NAO’s Investigation into Starter Homes

Here are five reasons you can’t trust the Tories to fix the housing crisis:

  1. Despite setting aside over £2bn to build 200,000 new starter homes, none were built.
  2. The number of new homes for affordable home ownership has almost halved since 2010.
  3. Under the Tories, the number of new social rented homes has fallen by over 80%, so we are now building 30,000 fewer socially rented homes each year than under Labour
  4. There are nearly 900,000 fewer home owning households under 45 than in 2010.
  5. Over 126,000 children are recorded as homeless in temporary accommodation – an increase of 70% since 2010.

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